Video marketing is one of the most popular ways to communicate with and engage your customers, thanks to its interactive nature. During 2016, video technology developed with the advent of live and 360 video, giving people access to brand activity like never before. The trend is set to continue as we move into 2017, with portions of marketing budgets increasingly being spent on video marketing. Below we’ve listed some of the key reasons you need to make 2017 the year you invest in video marketing.

It is the media of the moment

In a mind-blowing statistic, video production has increased so much in the past decade that more video is now uploaded to the web in a month than has been created for TV in the past 3 decades*. It is the most commonly used media outlet and with streaming, posting and sharing so easy across all major social networking sites, there has never been a better time to invest in video marketing.

It’s effective

You might think that with so much video being produced, your content could get lost, but a recent report shows that 75% of online users have engaged with a video advert in the last month**. Social media platforms offer a number of targeting ad options. This means that as long as you design your video content with your target audience in mind, you can then post and share it directly with the audience you produced it for.

It’s personal

Hosting live events, or offering your audience a ‘behind the scenes’ look at your company activity, gives your customers access into the personality of your brand in a totally unique way. Most video streaming platforms allow continuous engagement from the viewer, in the form of likes, shares, comments and can give you an insight into your customers that you haven’t previously had access to. Tracking, analysis and acting on customer feedback on your videos can help you to further understand your customers, helping to better develop your relationships moving forward.

If you’re ready to develop a video marketing campaign as part of your marketing strategy, contact Skylark Media Group today. Based in Bristol in the south-west, we produce high-quality videos that will engage with your audience, raising the profile of your brand.



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Jo Apr 28th, 2017

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