Super Bowl adverts take months to plan and are a huge investment for the companies who create work for the spectacularly long commercial breaks aired throughout the game. Such is the impact of Super Bowl adverts, that some will be successful enough to go viral and be quoted for years to come. We’ve looked back through the archives to choose 4 of our all-time favourite Super Bowl adverts.

McDonald’s – ‘The Showdown’

What do you get when you mix one of the greatest basketball players of all time, one of the nation’s best-known brands and some healthy mid-game competition? A legendary Super Bowl advert that showed Michael Jordan dunking it out against Larry Bird. The ad was split into sections to keep the audience engaged throughout the game’s different commercial breaks, cleverly taking them on a journey to determine who dunks from the greatest height to win the Big Mac.

Reebok – ‘Office linebacker with Terry Tate’

Satisfying our unquenched desires to take out our most annoying colleagues – Reebok’s advert from 2003 saw linebacker Terry Tate attempt to bring order to his new office job at Felcher and Sons. Using humour, and audience-appropriate football techniques, Tate tackles his colleagues whilst trying to establish law and order throughout the office.

Terry Tate Office Linebacker

Snickers – ‘With Betty White’

Sticking with Snickers famous tagline ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ the brand brought in Betty White to act hysterically out of character. Watching her get tackled into the mud and complaining to her younger teammates “You’ve been riding me all day” – made for a highly entertaining advert, much talked about after it aired.

Apple – ‘Introducing Macintosh’

Referencing George’s Orwell’s 1984 and setting the tone for the future of Apple’s advertising was it’s iconic ‘Introducing Macintosh’ Super Bowl advert. The ad shows how the Macintosh helps to break the stereotypes of conformity and sparks individuality and innovation – slightly ironic given the mass-produced nature of Apple’s current product range. The advert started a trend of a ‘mini movie’ style Super Bowl commercial, which has been adopted by several companies and brands since.

With so many fantastic adverts to choose from, these are just four of the all-time greatest Super Bowl adverts. Fancy creating your own video commercial to last down the ages? Contact Skylark media today. Based in Bristol and the south west, we produce high-quality videos with a lasting impact.

Image credit: Snickers by Leonid Mamchenkov licensed under Creative commons 4

Jo Apr 10th, 2017

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