One of the biggest challenges facing talent acquisition and recruitment teams today is that you don’t pick talent anymore. They pick you.

And with 90% of the current job market being candidate driven, it’s an employee’s market out there.

For recruiters, a company culture video can be effective in telling a story about who you are and what you stand for. Employee stories are brought to life, while B-rolls can illustrate that there’s more to your company beyond work. For me, the best videos place employees, not their bosses, at the heart of the video. They tell a story, they’re funny and they’re inclusive.

You have plenty of style options: Humanise your business with lots of individual stories. Perhaps focus on a specific role by interviewing one employee per video. Show, don’t tell, is another smart option. You may wish to go ‘sound off’ altogether and opt for a montage of office life against a punchy soundtrack.

For inspiration, here’s our top 5:

Hubspot – Hubspot Culture

We love Hubspot‘s 80s-inspired culture video. Kicking off with the company’s mission statement, the video uses clever motion graphics, animation and colour grading techniques to give all the feels of a nostalgic – yet funny – cheesefest.

Ubisoft – Life At Ubisoft

No testimonials. No interviews. Just a glimpse into office life against an awesome soundtrack. Video games company Ubisoft strikes the perfect balance between telling team stories and showcasing the work that they do in this no nonsense, fast-paced video.

Dropbox – Working At Dropbox

How do you create a memorable culture video? By replacing your employees with puppets! Dropbox avoids boring viewers with a montage of staff interviews. Though quirky, it’s a good option – as is animation – if staff are reluctant to appear on camera. The video takes aim at Dropbox’s company perks which it executes successfully with comedy, demonstrating the company’s playful and fun culture.

adidas Group – Make Greatness Happen

adidas is known for its slick, forward-thinking marketing campaigns. ‘Make Greatness Happen’ isn’t too far off from the ad campaigns we’re used to seeing, which goes to show that tactics used to market to consumers could be applied to recruitment marketing too. This video places key employees into the role of athletes – conveying the passion that adidas staff have while living and breathing work.

Vimeo – What it was like to work at Vimeo!

Here’s an alternative approach: pick a staffer and follow them around for the day as they interview their colleagues. This gives viewers a barely-filtered, authentic insight into what life is like a Vimeo as staff are put on the spot. So in 6 minutes, you get to know the characters at the company, the work that they do and even feel as if you’re a part of their office banter.

If you’re planning to make a culture video, take a look at our tips on creating an awesome recruitment video.

Nina Jun 7th, 2019

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Nina is Marketing Manager at Skylark Media. Her background is in editorial content, running fashion and celebrity B2B services in New York and London. A keen home renovator and interior hacker, Nina juggles life on the school run while tending to her other kids (indoor plants!).