1. Boost your search engine optimisation (SEO).

    • A video on your index page can make your site 50x more likely to appear on a Google first results page, if you link back from YouTube to your site.
    • Google has already begun to factor in the use of video on a web page when determining where it ranks on a results page – after posting a video to your site potential clients will more easily locate your URL and its video content.
    • People like it – over 21 billion videos are watched online every month worldwide.

2. Keep visitors on your site for longer.

        • Video is one of the best ways of increasing the amount of time visitors spend on your site. Video appeals to anyone who wants easy access to information.
        • 60% of us are visual learners.
        • Retention of information is 6x greater when presented visually and orally.
        • Video widens your potential audience because it adds an extra communication channel.

3. Improve the experience for a visitor to your site.

        • By including video on your site, you are offering viewers some entertainment and a welcome break from text-heavy web pages. When reading online we are about 25% slower than when reading a book.
        • Video is an interactive medium and an opportunity to target potential clients.
        • You can use video to promote new products and to notify customers of upcoming specials.

4. Find new customers

        • By uploading a corporate video to a social networking site, you are opening up the possibility to getting the attention of people that otherwise would never have found you.
        • YouTube has over 500 million unique users worldwide every month, producing around 92 billion page views/month.
        • An estimated 3 billion hours are spent on YouTube every month.
        • On average there are more than 400 tweets per minute containing a YouTube link.

5. Add a personal touch

      • Including yourself or a member of staff in a corporate video is an effective way of creating a more personal relationship with viewers.
      • Video brings: a face to the name, shows body-language, voice and personality.
      • It can tell your audience a lot more about you than just the written word.

So, if you’re considering using video to help your business thrive, get in touch and see what we can do for you.