Did you know that Facebook gets an average of eight million video views per day? Or that 100 million hours of video content is viewed on the social media giant daily? If your Facebook videos are failing to make the impression you had hoped for, it could be because you haven’t marketed them correctly. Or it could be because they weren’t produced very well to begin with! Read on to discover whether you are making any Facebook video advertising mistakes…

Do you analyse the results of your videos?

If you don’t, how are you ever going to know how they are performing? The only way you can improve your business and get better is by assessing what you are doing at the moment.

Do you only target mobiles that are connected to Wi-Fi?

News flash: not everyone connects to Wi-Fi to use the internet on their phone, and there is nothing more irritating than watching a video on your smartphone, only for it to keep buffering.

Have you incorporated any fan content?

One of the most effective ways to boost brand loyalty and increase engagement via Facebook is to make the most of fan content.

Do you use carousel adverts?

Many business owners already use carousel adverts. However, they have not used them properly. This is because they use static images. Instead, for the best effect, use multiple videos with a carousel ad, including link descriptions and call-to-action buttons.

Have you designed your video for use without sound?

You may think well, of course I haven’t! Sound is a vital ingredient in any video. While this is true, there are going to be lots of people that are going to watch your video without any sound on. In fact, as many as 85% of Facebook video viewers have the sound off. These people could on public transport, or watching on the sly whilst at work or in a lecture. You will get more from your videos if they make sense without sound.

Have you carefully considered the thumbnail for your video?

You need to encourage users to click play on the video, especially those who have deactivated autoplay on their smartphones.

Does the video grab the attention of your audience straight away?

Last but not least, it’s definitely time for a re-think if your video does not grab the viewer’s attention within the first few seconds. Most viewers will scroll off in a matter of moments, so start with a bang.

If you feel that your Facebook videos are missing the mark, we can help you to get on track. Contact us today for more information.

Jo Apr 4th, 2018

About Jo Haywood

Jo is the Managing Director at Skylark Media. Before starting Skylark in 2005, Jo ran the BBC Lifestyle website and prior to that directed science documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4. To switch off she can be found on the tennis court, at yoga, or planting trees in the forest garden.