Think of the time you could save with a ‘how to’ demo video for your customers. All those basic questions answered without you having to lift a finger.

Rainbow Zebra supply office furniture and get a lot of calls asking how to assemble an office chair. This customer service tool works in a number of ways: it builds trust with customers, it improves the brand of the company and it saves the team time in explaining how their furniture is assembled. The video plays as time lapse then slows for the sections where more detail is required. A clock keeps track of how long the process should take.

What do your customers need to know? Do they need a video to show how to use your product? What answers are they searching for? Carbon Gold commissioned this ‘How To Video’ to show customers how to use their soil improver. This video has strengthened their relationship with their customers and increased sales. It’s also had a dramatic effect on their Google rankings.