The Challenge

9 Spokes is a free data dashboard designed for small businesses. It connects popular apps and makes commission from each purchase. This means 9 Spokes relies on lots of new customers to sign up and give it a try.

How We Did It

The Skylark team travelled all over the British Isles filming this series. We’ve been to Dundee, Gravesend, London and Belfast. Whilst each interview has different content and each business has a totally different visual story, our editing provides a consistent warm and friendly documentary style which highlights the authenticity of each interviewee.

The Solution

To encourage more people to sign up, Skylark filmed a series of customer success stories. These intimate testimonials follow each business owner during their daily routine and how 9 Spokes influences the business. The interview delivery is informative and authentic, providing a source that the audience can trust.

The Results

9 Spokes have been delighted with the testimonial series which have been part of a successful online campaign, building trust in the brand and reaching out to new customers. We continue to work with 9 Spokes and will be producing more testimonials for them over the coming year.

The quality of the video is awesome. This is great work and a great story!

Amri Theron