The Challenge

Actual Experience analyses the digital experience of their customers to highlight any areas of poor performance. It’s a complicated proposition and they needed a powerful sales tool that would explain what they do to new customers.

The Solution

Actual Experience decided that video animation would be the most effective sales tool. So, they needed a video production company with a track record in simplifying complex scientific topics and found Skylark Media. With our history of making science documentaries such as ‘Stephen Hawking’s Universe’ for the BBC we have all the experience to crystallise the essence of what they do.

How We Did It

We created a conceptual 3D world that visualises the customer experience, showing all the connectivity from internet to application. We built on the company’s existing flat design and brought it to life to show the world of cloud communications using dynamic animation.

The Results

The board is delighted with the video as this is the first time their software has been properly explained in under 2 minutes. The video now sits proudly on the website home page. We are now working with Actual Experience on cut down versions for social media snippets, case studies and a product demo.