The Challenge

Established in the heart of Bristol, Amalgam Model Makers has over 30 year’s experience in making models, prototypes and displays of outstanding quality. Amalgam wanted to show off their work on the models for this Gromit Unleashed 2 trail.

How We Did It

The designs for the Aardman inspired models were under strict embargo, and as soon as Amalgam had finished each one it was shipped to the artist for painting. So we only had a brief and unscheduled window of opportunity for filming. With regular calls with Amalgam we found out about key moments in production and could then go over for a couple of hours to capture the action in HD video. By doing this, we took the audience on a captivating journey, showing everything that happens behind the scenes, enabling them to discover the Gromit Unleashed story through Amalgam’s eyes.

The Solution

In order to get people excited about the model making process and to make the most of the hash-tag associated with the Gromit Unleashed 2 Trail, we decided to film a behind the scenes video with exclusive shots of the model making process in their workshop.

The Results

The video has had great success on social media, as Amalgam rides on the back of the publicity for this year’s Gromit Trail. It has also given fans a behind the scenes look at the outstanding craftsmanship that goes into each Wallace and Gromit.

I can honestly say their approach, insight and technical competence has made the experience a real pleasure. They are creative, flexible, adaptable, generous and always open to our input, ensuring that the final edit exceeds our expectations every time. Great people to work with and great results.

Mike Harvey, Director