The Challenge

Amalgam model makers provide the creative talent for architectural models, prototypes for product designers and props for TV and film producers. They also make the life size sculptures of Wallace and Gromit for Aardman Animations. This well-connected company was looking for video to complement its ambitious marketing plans.

The Solution

Skylark Media worked with Amalgam over a period of 6 months so that we could capture the creative process at every stage of production. There were also times we had to avoid, when commercial sensitivity meant that it wasn't possible to film in the studio.

How We Did It

We created a series of films for Amalgam: a stunning promo to feature all that do, then a series of short cut-down versions for social media, each focusing on a particular aspect of their work.

The Results

The videos have boosted Amalgam's presence online. They show potential clients the range of production services combined with the technical expertise of their work-force. The promo video has given clients an exclusive peek behind the scenes. Whilst the social videos are specifically targeted to create new business opportunities.