The Challenge

Founded in Bristol, MoveGB is now the UK's largest range of activities under one membership, with over 250,000 users and more than 5,500 physical activity providers. A key part of their marketing is reaching out to new members on social media and they needed a stunning video that would reflect their awesome brand.

How We Did It

First we needed to understand Move GB's target audience and what motivates them to sign up. So we spent time researching the market place and even became member so we could test it out ourselves.
Then, we spent a day filming in Bristol. Our 'Movers' were not models, so we were working around their busy schedules and filming them on their home ground. This meant that we had to organise the shoot with military precision and use top end HD camera equipment that would gather incredible shots in low light conditions.

The Results

We started off by delivering one brand awareness film that you may have seen on your Facebook feed. Using additional material from our filming day with motion graphic text we have put together 12 x 6 second social media snippets that will be posted over the next few months.

My friends and people I've shown it to love this video. They particularly said the quality of the shots was great and really kept their eye, so nice work!

Graham Simpson, General Operations Manager