The Challenge

Bear Wood is an immersive 7.5 acre woodland exhibit which opened at Bristol's Wild Place Project in July 2019. As part of the exhibit, they needed a drone-led immersive film to show within the viewing platform of the exhibit. Following on from this, an advert was required for a TV and digital campaign to promote Bear Wood to new and returning visitors.

How We Did It

Skylark created the time capsule video, which tells the story of how bears roamed the British woodlands over 10,000 years ago.

Using a drone, we filmed the woodland landscape as the drone takes to the sky, soaring above the Tower Meadow. The Hollywood Tower's clock is rewound back 10,000 years and the viewer is eventually brought back to much denser woodland - where a brown bear steps into view.

Using footage taken from the drone, the woodland landscape was re-imagined to 8000 BC. Our in-house editor enhanced the footage using multiple layers of graphics, compositing, motion tracking and stabilising.

2019 was also the summer of The Lion King. To capitalise on this, we devised a TV ad based on the much-anticipated arrival of Simba - but with bears. A dawn shoot was planned to capture the morning sunrise and the park's animals in their surroundings. The advert was aired on ITV hub and online.

The Results

The time capsule video has been a big hit! Within a month of the launch of Bear Wood in July 2019, Wild Place welcomed its 200,000th visitor of the year - a record-breaking number for the animal attraction, which hit 217,000 visitors throughout the whole of 2018.

The advert ran across ITV On Demand and YouTube pre-roll. The pre-roll ad reached 600,000 people with a 38% view rate - well above the industry average.