The Challenge

Carbon Gold has been working with Skylark for over 5 years, so when they were looking to commission animations to show how biochar works, they came to us. The brief was to create a series of animated explainers to inform and inspire the public on biochar and the benefits it brings to the soil which then pass on to trees, turf and crops.

How We Did It

The biggest challenge was finding exactly the right illustrator. We wanted a hand-drawn, organic style that would explain the science whilst showing how a healthy soil makes for healthy plants.

Once the illustrations were signed off, we moved on to animating and adding sound effects. Carbon Gold's chairman (and former chair of the Soil Association) Craig Sams lent his authoritative voice to the film.

The Results

As consumers seek organic and peat-free alternatives, they are able to see the science behind biochar in the animations on Carbon Gold's website and social channels.

We've made 7 animations in all, to target different customers; arborealists, turf specialists and crop growers and those looking to combat drought or diseases such as honey fungus and ash die back.

I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic job you’ve done on the videos – bravo! Everyone loves it, and we look forward to launching soon.