The Challenge

It’s that time of year again for our long standing clients, Middletons. It’s always a busy holiday period for these top furniture retailers, and they brought us in to produce this year’s Christmas Advert. How were we to create something tasteful that encapsulated the Christmas spirit?

How We Did It

Using a mix of actors, props, pugs and of course, Santa, we created a beautiful, warm Christmas environment that captured the traditions and core message of the Middletons brand as well as showing off the latest range.

The Results

Middletons were delighted with the ad, and after minimal amends on our end, it went off to be approved and broadcast on TV in time for the Christmas shopping rush. It now stands as one of Middleton’s favourite adverts, and was an absolute delight to film.

The team are blown away by this year's Christmas ad. It's on a par with John Lewis!

Ricky Towler