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The Challenge

When Chronologic won the contract to install the time and attendance system into Thatcher’s Ciders new Jubilee building, they couldn’t resist the opportunity to get a glowing testimonial from this well known brand.

The Solution

We worked with Chronologic to identify the person at Thatchers who would give the strongest testimonial. We then filmed at the Thatchers plant for the day to show the system in operation, and to help strengthen the visual ties between these two brands.

How We Did It

With Thatchers help we set up a scenario of a delivery truck entering the plant. We then showed how staff clock in and out of the new factory and how this process is automated with the software, backed up by the HR director discussing the efficiency of the automated system. To wrap up, the MD of Chronologic added his own sales pitch to help attract prospective clients. Thatchers also gave us access to footage of their own, which we edited into the film for more of those irresistible “apple flavours”.

The Results

A stronger working relationship between Thatchers and Chronologic through the experience of making a film, plus an outstanding sales tool that Chronologic staff can share with new clients during the sales process.