The Challenge

Clarke Fussells sells used catering equipment across the globe, and needed a promotional video that explained how their process worked in a clear and engaging way. The challenge was bringing together both supplier and buyer in one setting that could be interpreted as being anywhere in the world, without the cost of filming in various different countries.

The Solution

Skylark created a visually appealing promo that mixed stunning location footage with animation to tell their global story.
We weaved in graphics and titles in addition to the live animation in order to bring the company’s characters to life.

How We Did It

We spent several days shooting on location at a warehouse and auction house to capture shots of the equipment and friendly, easy environment. The on location footage of key employees within the company were cut together with titles, infographics and animation to tie the whole promotional piece together.

The Results

The promo is used as a successful sales tool at Clarke Fussell’s exhibition stands.