Services Used:

The Challenge

CPIO are a software supplier, and wanted a testimonial video from their clients to build awareness of the brand and to showcase it's success.

The Solution

We opted for a mix of interviews and office shots cut in with a layer of motion graphics to add visual appeal.

How We Did It

We spent a day on location at CPIO's offices, where we shot positive scenes of the staff to layer into the video. Then we conducted interviews with some of CPIO's top clients. Finally, we layered the video with motion graphics to better help demonstrate the points being made and to add a more polished element.

The Results

The result was a slick, aesthetically engaging and informative video that acts as a successful selling piece for the CPIO software.

“It’s fantastic, I was apprehensive at first as we’ve never done video before but you’ve done an amazing job. Next time we’ll just leave it in your hands as we know you will deliver!"