The Challenge

The number UK businesses that suffered a cyber attack doubled last year with almost half of firms detecting a breach. In an evolving digital world, protecting information is becoming increasingly challenging. Most companies have a pretty good idea of how to keep their buildings physically secure, but many people still have very little awareness of cyber threats and how serious they can be. The survey of 1,523 British businesses by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport revealed that the average cost per attack was £1,570 for all companies, rising to £19,600 for large ones. Our client needed to produce a video that would educate and inform employees right across the business about this threat, on both a professional and a personal level.

The Solution

We knew that the best way to hit home the seriousness of this very real threat was to show the audience exactly how it is done. Authenticity was key. We contacted the UK’S leading cyber security company to conduct our research, and they were thrilled at the prospect of taking part.

How We Did It

This dramatic documentary-style promo follows Jon, a professional Social Engineer, as he not only tests the company’s digital security, but also reveals how susceptible the staff are to manipulation and control. The ease with which he is able to gain access to confidential information is startling to say the least.

The Results

The final video certainly made an impact upon release. Completed shortly before the cyber attack that targeted nearly 100 countries in May, ‘Attack Detected’ strips away some of the mystery that shrouds social engineers as well as offering practical steps we can all take to protect ourselves in the future.