The Challenge

The motivation of One Planet Matters rang true with us at Skylark Media; their e-learning course is aimed at teaching secondary school pupils about the environment with projects, work-shops and online resources. Pre-Covid the team were delivering these work-shops face to face. Now they were embracing the new way of delivering education remotely and needed a video to promote their course to tutors across the UK.

How We Did It

We filmed a remote interview over Zoom with the founder of One Planet Matters, allowing him to show his passion for the product and to introduce the way the courses work directly to tutors. We actually filmed Kevin Thomas when he was working remotely, in Spain! Then we intercut the interview with screen shots, stills and motion graphics to add visual impact and clarity to the messaging.

The Results

One Planet Matters can launch it's e-learning course before the end of the educational year so that tutors have time over the summer to review the offering for their September cohort. It's a great example of a company that was light on its feet and embracing the new way or working with a ready made course for secondary school tutors.

I am extremely happy with the video and all the motion graphics. You really helped me to get my messaging just right.

One Planet Matters