The Challenge

Exmoor National Park is a magical place that has been home to mankind for thousands of years. Exmoor National Park wanted a video to inspire visitors by weaving the story of the wildlife, history and dark skies into a promotional video for viewing within information hubs.

How We Did It

We came up with an imaginative journey taking the viewer from the coast to the highest peak revealing the history of man's influence along the way.

Drone and helicopter footage were integral to this concept of flying through space and time. We employed a helicopter to hug the highest cliffs in the UK and up to Dunkery Beacon, then a drone to fly up rivers and streams and to reveal birds eye views of iron age settlements. Skylark then created two TV adverts from the footage to air over the summer season.

The Results

Exmoor were delighted with the results and we then used the footage to create two TV commercials; one about the wildlife and the other about park activities.

In 2013, tourism was worth an estimated £87m in Exmoor National Park, supporting an estimated 4,484 FTE jobs in the greater Exmoor area.

The televised ads sponsored Emmerdale and Come Dine With Me, which together with a launch event in Covent Garden, reached an audience of 60 million.

An accessibility video, in partnership with Visit Britain, was created for YouTube with viewings estimated to reach 6 million. Separately, an Airwick TV ad featuring Skylark's footage of the park sold 2.8 million units.

We found Skylark's approach to be thoughtful, highly creative, flexible and incredibly well managed. Communication has been timely and effective and any of our queries have been met with supportive understanding and a ‘can do’ attitude. The timescale for our project was tight and constrained to a specific budget. The Skylark Media team have met both.

Tim Braund