The Challenge

Field Fare wanted to create a series of vines that would be used across several online video platforms, as well as a re-edited version to reach new audience groups on YouTube.

How We Did It

Our key promotional video featured on location shots of Field Fare’s local farm shop, as well as carefully selected kitchen scenes shot with a professional chef. Our Director of Photography was able to make the most of the natural and artificial light to best show off the food in an appealing and appetising way. With the use of motion tracking, we were able to better present the ease at which these frozen products could be prepared.

The Results

A stylish and appetising video that gave Field Fare an opportunity to promote their product to a new audience on different video platforms like YouTube and Vine.

Having given them a demanding brief not only did they achieve everything that we asked of them, they did so with a sense of fun, enthusiasm and professionalism.

Karen Deans