The Challenge

West Technology's forensic VMD machines can reveal fingerprints on anything from a till receipt to a bullet cartridge. But how could they inform forensic scientists around the world of the crime solving capabilities of their machines? The client wanted their film to have the feel of a new car advert, with glinting metal, stunning close ups and fluid camera moves.

How We Did It

Skylark's solution was to create a forensic laboratory set in which we could show off the different ranges of machine and the exhibits that can be processed. West Technology's staff played the part of forensic scientists.

This film is a triumph of great lighting. It was filmed on their factory floor, yet the results represented a bright, clean laboratory. Cinematic camera angles put the systems front and centre with human operators in support.

Filming in slow motion on a 4K camera that performs well in low light conditions, we created shots that reflect a forensic lab environment, even though they were filmed at West Technology's warehouse. Operators in lab coats and spots of light enhance the feel. We honed our motion graphics techniques using masking and motion tracking to embed into the picture so that this video conveys its message without the need for voice over.

The Results

West Technology is delighted with their film which will be used on the company website, and as a global sales tool. It will put the product right in front of their target customers whilst showing them the evidence that can be obtained from a range of exhibits making the company synonymous with latent fingermark development.

We are delighted with the final product! Thank you and the team for the high standard of professionalism and support you have give us throughout the whole process. It has been a joyful and positive experience for all of us.

David Williams, West Technology Forensics