Services Used:

The Challenge

After the staggering success of their educational technology in schools, Fuze began development of a groundbreaking new product for the general consumer. Fuze’s challenge was raising awareness of this product to help generate funding and create a buzz around the project.

The Solution

Fuze decided to launch a crowd funding campaign featuring a video from the company founder.

How We Did It

The Skylark team spent a day on location at a school collecting testimonials from teachers and students about the Fuze product. We also interviewed founder Jon, with a teleprompter to make sure all the key business messages were covered. We cut this with location footage with motion graphics to explain the offer, before then created an opening titles sequence to reflect the company branding.

The Results

The final promotional video helped Fuze to raise awareness of its project and got it firmly on the path to hitting its investment target.

“Our promo is one of the best I’ve seen on a crowd funding site.”

Jon Silvera