The Challenge

GX Group are experts in design engineering and product development, having worked with L'Oreal, Ford, BMW and Kraft. Partnering with lone inventors, entrepreneurs and large corporations, the consultancy turns ideas into practical solutions. They wanted to introduce the company and its key personnel in a social-friendly promotional video which would attract a broad audience.

How We Did It

We created a two-minute video for GX Group: a beautiful promo to feature their services and its key personnel, followed by a series of short cut-down versions for social media.

The Results

In just under two minutes, the video captures a sense of what GX Group is all about - from its use of cutting edge technology to its talented multidisciplinary team. We successfully humanised the company by placing its key personnel at the centre of the video, which makes for an outstanding sales tool.

Thank you for sticking to your creative vision for our film. It’s stylish and captures the enthusiasm and emotion of the business.

Diana Beavon, IE Marketing