The Challenge

Being one of the global leaders in advanced linear solutions, HepcoMotion have a vast and complex product range which needs showcasing to international audiences online and in industry tradeshows. With the company’s significant presence in Europe and Asia, any branding or marketing assets provide an additional difficulty when communicating oversea.

How We Did It

We spent four days filming across two Hepco facilities capturing every element of the daily operations, everything from machine milling to after sales technical support. There is something beautiful about close up machinery during a manufacturing process which we enhanced with slow motion and specialist cinematic lenses.

The Solution

To ensure that international audiences would follow the video and be equally engaged, we planned each shot in the film to hold enough meaning that it would tell the story without the need for a voiceover. Each scene was scripted to deliver a complete picture of the Hepco brand which is complimented with motion graphics to highlight each point.

The Results

With bold imagery and a powerful score, the HepcoMotion brand video captures the company's cutting edge products in a way that will make any audience stop in appreciation. The company now has an excellent sales tool which will feature on their website, social media and international trade shows.

We really appreciate the amount of time and effort which has gone into creating what is a beautiful film.

Peter Jones