The Challenge

Herschel Infrared Heaters is aiming to revolutionise the way in which we heat our homes, using infra-red heaters. The company needed a strong marketing tool to communicate this to customers - one that would also work to inform potential customers of the science behind Herschel.

How We Did It

The entire video was produced in-house at Skylark by our expert team and uses a stylised character placed within cinematic motion graphics to demonstrate the science behind the heaters. The video also explains how the heaters look in the home, and persuasively demonstrates the benefits to health, pocket and environment.

The Solution

Herschel selected our 3D animation concept from the three briefs we presented. It was important that the video not only acted to inform, but was also entertaining, captivating and shareable across various media outlets.

The Results

Beautifully produced 3D animation that is not only vital as a demonstration tool for new customers, but is also used as a sales tool to promote Herschel’s range through its usability as a marketing tool.

We found the team at Skylark very helpful. Joseph was very creative in producing graphics to get our message across and produce a high quality video for us.

Sam Abel