Icheme Mondelez

Services Used:

The Challenge

The original brief for the film was based around the Institution of Chemical Engineers wanting to show graduates the real potential of a career within their industry, particularly because there has been an influx in demand for chemical engineers within the financial sector. Moving on from the success of this original video, Skylark was commissioned for further videos with chemical engineers at Shell, BP, Mondelez and Syngenta.

The Solution

We shot a series of promotional videos that the Institute can use in undergrad recruitment presentations. The videos will also take pride of place on specific website landing pages, and used on their social channels to bolster awareness of the institution.

How We Did It

Each video in the ongoing series features an engineer being interviewed against green screen at their place of work. The background animations are created in post-production from a combination of stock footage, IChemE branding and infographics designed by our creative team.

The Results

The videos have been an integral part of presentations to under graduates, and they have also created a splash on IChemE’s social media pages. IChemE have been so pleased with the success, that they continue to commission the Skylark team for recruitment and event films.

“This video is absolutely fantastic and a great product! I think this represents money well spent. It was good to work with the Skylark team and there will definitely be other opportunities for Skylark at Imperial when others see our video."

Chris Cheeseman