The Challenge

After creating an infographic around the impact video has on a company's website, we thought it beneficial to talk about the impact video has on your overall brand. But how do we compress such a vast amount of information?

The Solution

Infographics can provide you with the medium to take a complicated and overflowing topic and break it down to convey key points in a short burst of memorable info.

How We Did It

Continuing with the same template from our series of 'Video = Impact' infographics, we got our lab coats on and assessed the stats in front of us to bring you a short, whittled down need-to-know guide for how video might positively impact your brand.

The Results

Having cut the data down to size, we put together a 1 minute infographic with some basic need-to-know facts for how video can have a positive impact on your brand.

If you'd like to learn more about infographics, or about the topic of video, get in touch or drop us a tweet.