The Impact Video Has On Your Website – Infographic

Techniques Applied:

The Challenge

There are thousands of corporate companies who have not yet utilised the power of video content, despite it being the number one most engaging piece of content that a company could feature on their site. How best to demonstrate the effective power of video to these companies?

The Solution

We took a simple infographic template and added some custom graphics, animation and of course - thoroughly researched statistics.

How We Did It

After in-depth research and a look at the stats we put together an animated, informative and entertaining video short with useful must-know facts, that could be used both on our site and across our marketing materials.

The Results

We've had successful hits on both of our video platforms, and some positive feedback on the usefulness of the infographic from both current and prospective clients.

If you're looking to communicate facts, stats and a persuasive argument then you should consider infographics as a fun and engaging method to do so.