The Challenge

In 2018, IVC Group experienced a record breaking year, with 360 practices joining from across Europe. Our clients wanted a promotional video to introduce IVC to each country's CEO.

How We Did It

From May - July we travelled across Europe, filming in 9 different countries including Norway, Finland and Denmark. In each country we filmed an interview with CEO in their native tongue then filmed B roll footage across various practices. We then worked with the practices on editing the interviews to make clear 2-3 minute presentations for each country.

The Results

A suite of 9 videos that represent IVC across Europe and reflects that country's individual identity. Each video shows the high standards of care and the state of the art equipment that's available to customers and their pets.

Everything has run to clockwork and within budget. The Skylark team is great to work with and it’s been a very, very enjoyable experience.

Graham Avent, Director of Marketing