The Challenge

After working with us to recruit new engineers, the Institute asked us to promote their awards event - capturing the achievements and reactions of the award winners.

How We Did It

As soon as the winners had received their trophy on stage, they were whisked to the green room where we were waiting with camera, interviewer and branded sponsors’ back drop. We had each award winner for just 6 minutes, during which time we interviewed them about their project and how it felt to have been recognised for their effort. We conducted 20 interviews in total, which included a series of videos for each winner.

The Results

The videos have been used to promote the annual awards and also as a bonus gift for the prize winners.

The IChemE team is proud to be associated with these videos. They show chemical engineering, the winners, and the Institution in a great light. Many thanks to the Skylark team for your hard work both at the event itself and during editing and post-production.

Helen Tunnicliffe