The Challenge

Just Landlords are very proud of their premium insurance for malicious damage by tenants - but the challenge was letting landlords know about this essential service.

How We Did It

Rather than maliciously damage a real property, we decided to take charge of the pixels and create an original and entertaining animation. We spent a long time selecting an in-house illustrator who had the right style we were after, before getting him to draw up our pop up story-book concept. We then passed his illustrations through to our 3D animator, who made the drawings come to life.

The Results

Just Landlords were incredibly impressed by the unique attention to detail within the final advert, and enquiries increased by 45% after broadcast. Others were clearly impressed too - the ad went on to win the Videographer Award for animation in 2015.

The Just Landlords TV commercial was awarded Best Animated TV Commercial 2015 by The Videographer Awards.