The Challenge

Why is this independent mortgage supplier so successful? It's down to the shared values and enthusiasm of the team for excellent customer service. Our challenge was to capture this in a promotional video aimed at both financial partners and new customers.

The Solution

A video that is a window into a mortgage company that is 'here to make life easier and better for people'. The trust that built between the Skylark and Key Solutions teams is what makes this authentic and engaging production.

How We Did It

We spent lots of time with Key Solutions understanding what makes them tick. We then found out about the secret talents of the team that would make for good video images. We set up our mobile white screen in their office to reduce the cost of any staff travel and created an atmosphere of fun and excitement in their conference room.

The Results

The video has been a resounding success. Not least in helping to secure a major new contract. When clients and customers see the passion and drive at the heart of the company they can't help but be impressed.