The Challenge

When you're bringing a new application to market there's some explaining to do. YellowDog wanted a video that would resonate with the emotions of those looking for compute power, those with large data sets to render in the meteorology, animation or bio sciences industries.

How We Did It

YellowDog chose Skylark Media because of the visual concepts that we came up with to bring their story to life. We presented a couple of ideas and they chose the story of the mountain climber getting above the clouds where their YellowDog headset gives them clarity on all the compute options available. The money shot was always going to be the heads up display and designing a simplified version of the Index whilst holding true to the visual analogy or our climbing hero.

The Results

Within the first week YellowDog saw high click through rates from the Linkedin and Facebook campaigns. Our iterations targeting customers on Price and Sustainability have now gone live and we'll be reporting back on the results when we know them.

It's brilliant. We were on such tight deadlines and you hit every one with an excellent finish.