Move GB – Testimonials

Techniques Applied:

The Challenge

Move GB is transforming peoples' lives through membership plans for local gyms, studios and classes. Their loyal fan base is growing but how to reach out to potential new customers?

The Solution

This emotive testimonial video for MoveGB is an excellent example of how we can talk about your brand beyond its obvious selling points. Here, member Danny talks about how joining MoveGB helped motivate him to move away from his partying lifestyle and instead stimulated him to take better care of himself, for his own sake and that of his family.

How We Did It

We spoke to all the volunteers for the filming and fitted our schedules around their busy lives. We met up in the evenings to film them enjoying their classes and then through interview got them to tell their story.

The Results

Our clients are delighted with the results. The videos have become part of a successful online campaign, building trust in the brand and reaching out to new customers.

We really love the videos and hope to work with you on some more projects this year.

Sheyde Bolton