The Challenge

Leading mobility specialist Oak Tree Mobility wanted a charming promotional video to highlight its mission: to help their customers stay independent and in their homes for longer. In addition, they wanted to showcase the abundance of mobility furniture available, while building trust in the brand.

How We Did It

To illustrate this, Skylark recommended animation. We were able to visualise Oak Tree Mobility furniture in every room of an imagined Oak Tree house - from a rise and recline chair in the living room, to a stair lift travelling up to the first floor, to an adjustable bed in the bedroom.

To build trust within the brand, company founder Ricky Towler acted as the voiceover, enabling him to tell the story directly to his customers.

The Results

Oak Tree Mobility were impressed by the animation video which was featured on its website. The company went on to commission Skylark with a series of testimonial videos to support the 'vision' video.

'Our vision for the future is the Oak Tree Home, a place where your comfort comes first. And with our growing range of high-quality products that can help you remain independent in the home you love, this vision is becoming a reality. To celebrate, we commissioned the animation through Skylark Media. Spot on. Great work as per usual.'

Ricky Towler, Founder