Oak Tree Testimonials

Services Used:

The Challenge

Oak Tree Mobility is renowned for their excellent customer service. The company wanted to capture a selection of their glowing customer testimonials in a video.

The Solution

Once we were given the customer details, the Skylark director was trusted to make contact as a representative of the client in order to set up filming. We went through the interview questions and the requirements of filming so that there were no surprises when we arrived on location.

How We Did It

A minimal team including one camera operator and director conducted the interviews.
The team also gathered plenty of B-roll footage to give a 'behind the scenes' angle that better demonstrated how our client's product has become vital to their home comfort.

The Results

A series of customer testimonials that brought a tear to our clients’ eyes. They are also a powerful morale booster to staff who can see the effect their products have on the customers. The individual videos were so compelling that we adapted them for use as TV commercials, as shown above.