Oasis Dental Care – UGC

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The Challenge

Oasis Dental Care has over 300 practices across the UK and Ireland. As well as supplying outstanding dental care, the practice staff also participate in corporate initiatives; raising money for charity, annual conferences, new working practices, pension schemes and other benefits. The company wanted to create a platform where individual practices could let the wider group know what they were doing.

The Solution

Our brief described staff within different practices sending in user generated video clips filmed on smart phones. These would be put into a short video montage, curated by us, called ‘Back Chat’ that would be viewed during their weekly meetings.

How We Did It

We created a company branded virtual pin board using animation and graphics. Onto this pin board we placed the smart phone videos, stills from conferences, post-it notes of advice and thank you cards from members of staff. The pin board background gave us a frame for all of this user-generated content and meant that we could handle all the different levels of quality as nothing was required to be full-screen. It also gave staff freedom to participate in the way in which they were most comfortable.

The Results

Across the group practice staff are much better informed and motivated by having their practice (and themselves!) featured on the company video. Another benefit that has come out of the project is that teams are now able to feel part of a larger organisation and share their successes across the group.

Working with the Skylark team has given me the confidence to use video to reach an internal audience in a way that I would not have done previously. The team are creative, focussed and results driven and they had the skills to turn my ideas into reality. These videos are what has been missing from our communications mix.

Ali Speak