The Challenge

Oasis Dental Care had gone through an impressive brand overhaul, and wanted to announce the new look brand in style at their annual conference. Skylark had worked with Oasis on previous occasions to produce videos across the board, so we were well trusted by Oasis to deliver their vision.

How We Did It

We worked with the staff at all the practices, carefully selecting moments to film around patient appointments. Although this added complexity, it did mean that we could produce the films during the working day without having to request any down-time. We integrated motion graphics to help present positive company behaviours through staff interactions. These were accompanied by strategic on-screen text to highlight the core values.

The Results

The video resulted in an engaged and encouraged staff base that understood the changes that were happening in the company and how they’d be affected.

I’m delighted with the final product. The messages come across beautifully – really enhanced by the footage and graphics. These videos are what has been missing from our communications mix.

Alison Speak