The Challenge

"Imagine if there was a technology that watched video, so you don't have to. That can tell the difference between a graffitti and a road sign or someone wearing PPE or plain clothes." This was how One Big Circle described to us their automated intelligent video review, AIVR. The challenge was to promote the system to railway operators and show them what it could do, how easy it was to use and how it would benefit customers and staff.

How We Did It

Although AIVR is a complex piece of kit, what it actually does is quite simple. So we decided that the best way forward was to create an animated explainer that would tell the story with real world examples in a straightforward way. To make One Big Circle's video totally unique to them, our first challenge was to source an illustrator who could deliver on our selected style. Once we had all the imagery of the trains, stations and our favourite, the cow, we handed them over to our in-house animator who brought it all to life.

A down-to-earth Scottish voiceover was combined with sound design effects to create the finished promotional video.

The Results

One Big Circle finally have a way to explain automated intelligent video in under 2 minutes. They immediately embedded the video on their website and are currently planning their digital marketing campaign aimed at rail operators across the UK.

The Skylark team has been an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the whole creative process. They took time to really understand us, our product and our audience, worked closely with us throughout, then delivered a really engaging video that encapsulated everything we’d discussed in the style that we’d envisaged. We are delighted with the results, and the fact that a tree has been planted because of the project is an extra bonus!

Emily Kent, Co-Founder