The Challenge

Palletways is a client of our client Espida, and agreed to give them a customer testimonial. Having worked with their sister company, Espida turned to Skylark to create this film.

The Solution

We took a brief from Espida on the key selling points of their product and how best to represent these. We then organised the filming day with Palletways and discussed the project with all stakeholders so that they knew what we wanted to achieve.

How We Did It

We spent a day on location at Palletways, interviewing and getting footage within the eSpida warehouse. To keep the budget on track whilst getting the most dramatic effects, we intercut our material with stock footage of Palletways delivery vehicles.

The Results

A seamless testimonial that shows the efficiency of the Palletways operation and how this is facilitated by Espida’s software. A secondary result is the relationship building between Espida and their client, who get to work together on a video that promotes both businesses.