The Challenge

Kallidus make award-winning learning & talent solutions software that drives long term business success. They wanted to create a series of videos to demonstrate the high quality and accessibility of their new development suite. The video needed to outline the benefits that the performance management software offers to businesses in the digital age, its adaptability to different devices, and its real-time solutions.

How We Did It

We selected actors and arranged for different ‘on the go’ locations, including the Kallidus office building, for the shoot. We then cut together clean, white screen employee interviews with 3D animations of the main systems demonstrated: the interface, the software's attractive UX, and the multi-platform usability - including PCs, laptops and tablets. Using infographics within the video really helps sell the product and its features.

The Solution

Another promotional video, this time for Kallidus’ Performance software suit . Our starting point for the style was the Apple iOS 7 promo. After much storyboarding, we came up with the concepts for four engaging videos that would demonstrate the design and benefits of the software, as well as the ease of use and accessibility for users on the go.

The Results

Kallidus are proud to present a strong series of videos that elegantly demonstrate the usability and seamless look and feel of their new suite. These videos work across different channels and platforms - like the software - and have proved an invaluable sales tool for the Kallidus team to boost customer growth.

The feedback from everyone who has seen the video edits is fantastic – they are all saying how polished, well shot and edited they are. Thanks so much to the team for all your hard work. We look forward to working with you again.

Brian Copeland