Rainbow Zebra

Techniques Applied:

The Challenge

Rainbow Zebra asked us to shoot a 2 minute advert for online distribution through video sharing platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube. While the advert content was imaginative, fun and humorous, the topic - office furniture - was not one that garnered a big audience on YouTube. The real challenge was how we were going to get this advert in front of the right people at the right time.

The Solution

The advert was optimised on video sharing sites, and integrated into a carefully planned paid campaign to give it full reach.

How We Did It

Firstly, the video was optimised properly through YouTube using tags, descriptions and title tweaking. Then, it was set up for paid advertising where it would appear before other videos with particular search terms (in-stream) or as part of the native search results list (in-display). All of this was dependent on the demographics and keywords used by the viewer.

The Results

If the viewer doesn’t find the advert content relevant and switches off, then the advert feature is free. This meant that Rainbow Zebra only paid around £4 per day for hundreds of views. Advert views were up to 11,000 in the first two weeks, and are currently at 60,000 and rising.

  • Standard, full Pay Per Click campaign set up and managed from release date
  • Over 10,000 views in first 2 weeks
  • 23% increase in online sales

Average campaign cost per day: £4

"This is the first video I’ve ever promoted with my Google Adwords account. It was really easy and we’re getting excellent results for just a few pounds a day."

Paul Randall