The Challenge

Actual Experience is a user experience analytics company, focused on finding any impediments to the smooth flow of digital data. Following the series of 3D animations we produced to explain the technology, they needed a series of films that would showcase their human side.

How We Did It

We spent a day at Actual’s funky Bath office, exploring the sun-drenched National Heritage site and filming authentic interviews with three of their key personnel. The interviews were to provide an overview of the business, share customer case studies and give a run through of the software itself. Artful shots of the dynamic team at work combine to create a sense of a truly cutting-edge company on the rise.

The Results

Actual now has three beautiful hero films that give a real insight into the people behind the company. This is an opportunity to hear the passion of this personable team who really know their stuff. We also created social cutdowns from each interview to engage with their audience across social.

"Skylark really took the time to understand us and were happy to be flexible in the production process as our ideas evolved. We now have a video we’re proud to have on our website."

Tim Cardinal