The Challenge

Atlantis Resources is a global leader in tidal energy power generation. The company was looking for investment in the development of the AR1500 turbine; a cutting edge turbine forming part of the world’s largest tidal array off the coast of Northern Scotland. Atlantis needed a promo that would inspire, inform, and spark the imagination of environmentally conscious investors keen to be part of this exciting industry.

How We Did It

Over the course of nine months, Skylark conducted interviews with key Atlantis experts and captured the cinematic locations where the turbine was assembled, unveiled and finally launched on the quayside against the mountain backdrop of Northern Scotland. Combined with stunning drone cinematography, striking motion graphics and dramatic stock footage this huge project is finally complete and ready to take the world by storm.

The Solution

This epic promo launches the viewer into the dynamic world of tidal energy, showcasing the passion, drive and precision of everyone involved in making the AR1500 a reality. The immense sense of achievement felt by the Atlantis team is clear to see.

The Results

Atlantis Resources is thrilled with the results. Not only do they have a truly inspiring company promo, but they have integrated the dramatic footage into their website and other online platforms to really make the most of their striking new content.

It looks great. It could not have got there without your diligence; thank you.

Alex Free, Project Services Manager