The Challenge

Transport for London are going through a massive restructuring of their business and turned to Kallidus systems to provide the digital learning platform that would facilitate this change. Kallidus trusted Skylark Media to work with TFL to produce a case study about the project.

How We Did It

We spent a day on location at the TFL training facility, capturing a training session, iPads being allocated to staff, and the interviews. We then edited this material together to create a 120’ testimonial for our client.

The Results

A slick testimonial that tells the story of why TFL needed to change and how this process was made simpler through digital learning. The way the questions were phrased in the interview gave TFL the ability to tell the story of their business development whilst mentioning how the digital learning platform had assisted them on their journey.

I've been singing your praises to my boss as one of the best suppliers I've worked with. I know we're in really good hands.

Claire Bailey