According to AdWeek, consumers’ attention span for video advertisement is shorter than ever – with some viewers deciding what they think about a product within the first two seconds. With those kinds of statistics, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your videos are not only shorter in length, but also engaging and immediately appealing. Here are a few of the ways you can create short videos that aren’t just attention-grabbing but also fit neatly in with your budget:

Know your audience

The first and most important aspect of any marketing campaign is knowing your audience and what they like. This doesn’t just apply to their demographics; it’s also invaluable to see what advertisements they already respond to – and how you can improve or adapt that formula and style to your own needs.

A good, clear idea of where your video needs to go and a complete idea of the story behind your video, as well as what it needs to do, can save a great deal on costs to avoid videos that flop rather than fly.

Create impact

In a world where viewers can make a split-second judgment on a video based on just the first few seconds, companies such as comScore believe that an advertisement longer than five seconds is lost on a millennial audience, with older viewers not far behind.

Facebook and other brands help to increase this ‘snapshot’ culture by reducing video adverts to just 15 seconds, meaning your messaging needs to be clear, impactful and succinct from the outset with a story to tell. This mindset of getting to the point not only establishes your brand as no-nonsense and current, but it can also reduce the cost of video production, from filming to editing.

Quality, not quantity

Though shorter videos may seem like a great way to save money on your advertising budget or cut costs, opting to make a short video of the highest quality can have the same budget as a longer film as every pixel counts. Setting a realistic budgeting goal, even for a concise video, can let the quality of that content shine through and be clear to both yourself and your audience. Adding elements such as subtitles is key for social media, as well as ensuring your videos leap out from the page.

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Jo Mar 21st, 2018

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