Planting the first trees in Skylark’s forest garden in 2005

At Skylark Media, we’re passionate about ensuring that we have a positive effect on the world around us. We keep our carbon footprint light and work to promote sustainable businesses wherever we can.

We work within a culture of integrity and fairness. that values our customers and colleagues, our local community and our planet. Skylark Media is a member of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership and is working towards achieving B Corp status.

Skylark Media contributes towards environmental projects, for example, we are sponsoring Bristol Zoo’s Bear Wood Project set to open at the Wild Place in summer 2019. The exhibit will see the re-introduction of European brown bears, European wolves, Eurasian lynx and wolverine to 7 acres of woodland in North Bristol. By supporting the Bear Wood Project we will be raising awareness of effects of woodland loss on our native wildlife. To find out more, please join us in supporting the Bear Wood Appeal here.

Skylark’s founder, Jo Haywood, is a veteran of BBC science and nature documentaries. In the early 90s, Jo created a ground-breaking climate change film for Discovery Channel’s Fast Frozen Future series. Since then her mission is to use video as a medium to communicate climate emergency. At Skylark we plant one tree a month. Since 2005, over 500 trees have been planted in Skylark’s forest garden.

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Founder Jo Haywood planting trees in Skylark’s forest garden

'Skylark is creating a forest garden. So far we’ve planted over 400 trees and our ongoing commitment is to plant a new tree every month.'

Jo Haywood, Director, Skylark Media