Filming with green screen

Do you want to film an interview in a clean, bright, non-distracting environment? Do you want to incorporate graphics with an on-screen presenter to illustrate key points? Do you want a funky, modern feel for your video? Perhaps you should consider green screen.  Here’s an example from a video we made for Imperial College, London.

Many of our clients go for the green screen option when filming interviews and blogs due to its flexible nature. Skylark has a portable 3 x 6 metre screen that fits in most offices and acts as a pop-up studio environment, and our professional lighting setup really makes it snap. However there are a few things to consider before working with green screen:

Leave enough space

Although our green screen usually fits in most offices it’s worth noting that we’ll also need space for lights, not to mention enough room for the camera to get far enough back from the subject.

Lights are hot

It’s amazing how hot a few lights can get whilst filming an interview. It’s not unusual for an interviewee to need to mop their brow after a few takes. Obviously the larger the room the further the lights can be from the subject!

Don’t wear green!

So this probably goes without saying, but it’s also worth planning what colour the final background will be. If you’re going for that clean white feel it’s probably worth avoiding a white top unless you like the floating head look.

Allow time in post

Green screen shoots always yield great looking results but they also take more time in post-production, especially if there’s complex graphics going on in the background. If your project has a tight turnaround it might be worth considering interesting locations for your interview instead, or planning other shots as cutaways so the entire video doesn’t require digital manipulation.

Green screen can be a bold and exciting way of communicating your message. For more information contact us now.