There have been plenty of iconic television adverts over the years. With the brands which they carried are successfully etched in the minds of viewers both then and now – job done. But nothing spreads like wildfire over the public consciousness in the digital age like video marketing ads which go viral. So here are our favourite examples of advertising which caught the imagination of the internet:

  1. Kenzo

There is one way to choose the right music for your video marketing campaign, and that’s to make the music yourself! That’s exactly what Kenzo did for this mesmerising advert for their perfume. Featuring the ‘Kenzo Girl’. Ape Drums and Sam Spiegel were brought in to produce the song ‘Mutant Brain’, with Assassin on the vocals. The result is a catchy and amusing vid which shot to six million views.

  1. Chipotle Mexican Grill

Of course, if you can’t find actors which you like, you can always turn to animation, which is what the food chain Chipotle Mexican Grill did in their Scarecrow campaign. Creating a video marketing campaign based around a cartoon character, they also incorporated a theme promoting sustainability, highlighting issues such as the use of pesticides and animal welfare in food production. With the scarecrow as the ‘good guy’ and the fictional Crow Foods as the baddies, a spellbinding advert unfolds, all underpinning Chipotle Mexican Grill’s sustainable food sourcing.

  1. Dove

Weighing in with over 28 million Youtube views at the time of writing is Dove’s ‘Like a Girl’ campaign, which challenges public perceptions of girls in sport. The ad, which won a Cannes Grand Prix award and an Emmy, is direct, thought provoking and positions the Dove brand as a solid supporter of the fairer sex.

  1. GoPro

When it comes to making an impact, nothing hits home quite like complete realism. That’s what GoPro achieved with their viral video marketing campaign featuring footage from a GoPro camera recording a fireman saving a kitten from danger. Factor in the cuteness of the kitten, and the high regard in which fireman are held, and this campaign had all the ingredients to go viral.

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Image credit: Go Pro Hero 3 by blacklerphotos licensed under Creative commons 4

Jo May 16th, 2017

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